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Sustainability Software Development Company

Essential Solutions was established in October 2009 with a mission to provide best-in-class outsourced software development services, delivering business software solutions and product development services for various businesses.

Essential Solutions is currently specialized in sustainability software development. 

Our motto is: Customers of our customers are our customers. And we are continuously integrating our professional stuff with the customer business to achieve effective and successful team work.

Business software development team

Essential Solutions’s core people are senior and architect level talented software engineers with years of solid experience in outsourced product development with our European and US parties. The products developed by our staff are highly sophisticated web systems with multi-tier architecture, as well as light-weight mobile applications.

Our capacity

We have a pool of back-end, front-end and mobile software engineers, and we build teams that effectively meet our customers outsourced software development needs.
When necessary we cooperate with local companies with web design and systems operations skills to provide the full range of IT services.

Our market

We mainly outsource software development for European and US markets. Our clients order various services, from sustainability management software development to Java, J2EE, Grails, iOS and Android based product development. Most of our customers are companies and individuals from Germany, US, France and UK.

Who are our customers:

  • Entrepreneurs who need to bring a business software idea to market in a rapid and capital-efficient way
  • Companies with no internal IT capabilities, to fully focus on their core business, and let us pro-actively satisfy their needs for IT solutions for business
  • Companies with limited IT skills, to allow us to expand their IT capacity and to manage more complex IT issues

Being a professional sustainability software development company, we are not limited to deliver only sustainability management and reporting solutions. Contact us today to request a free quote for custom software development or to get consultancy on how bring to life your ideas of effective IT solutions for business.

Check Essential Solutions Portfolio for more information.

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