Software Development Outsourcing: See How We Do It!

We believe in building long-term business relationships during software development outsourcing based on mutual trust and respect.

Here’s our work model for outsourced software development services

Strategic Partnership – Dedicated Facilities / Team

This model is best suitable for customers who are looking for long-term partnerships and want to take advantage of the benefits of offshore outsourcing. Our local center/team is an extension of the customer’s own engineering facility and incorporates resources with various specializations, to implement the customer’s own development processes.The local center implements the customer’s standards and rules and has higher responsibilities and more flexibility.

Fixed Price Projects

This model is suitable for customers with well defined requirements and project schedules, who are looking for collaborators and who have a precise beginning and an end in mind while they examine several alternatives.The price for the development of the project is established before the start and the customer pays this pre-negotiated price for the completed project, linked to predefined deliverable.

Time & Material

This model is suitable for software projects whose duration and plans are not precisely defined from the beginning. Under this model, the customer pays a fixed price per hour for the development effort. The timeline of such a project can extend indefinitely by modifying the time dimension of the model, while resources can be added or removed at any moment by modifying the material dimension of the model.

Development Center Setup

This model offers you to setup a dedicated development team and we hand things over to you. It is a virtual community of software engineers who complement your in-house staff remotely and they act according to your project requirements and business needs. Development Center can perform a variety of services related to the software development life cycle.The process of engagement with the Development Center includes team formation, processes setup, and handover. Jointly with you, we build a team tailors to the team of software engineers. We setup necessary project management practices and launch a Development Center. Thus, for a fixed (as agreed upon) period, you have a working unit at your disposal.

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